Founded in the year 2018, Nadaan Parindey is an Indian kids fashion brand founded by Shruti Tiwari. Nadaan Parindey is a product crafted out of love and elegance for kids. Spreading the pixie dust on princesses is our designer Shruti Tiwari, whose designing lays emphasis on embroidery and hand-work primarily. It’s not the clothes that change fashion; it’s the little princesses, who’ll later go on to become the stylist women that rule the world.

With subtle designing trends that define architecture, movement and fashion all in one, Nadaan Parindey is a brand that defines all occasions for your little ones. Fashion when carried with comfort and unique style is the definition of ultimate sophistication. It’s all this that makes for our brand.

Each collection is a pop of colours, aura and energy that go on to define what the kids really are. Our endeavour brings you latest fashion, the ramp-model like look, and lifestyle that makes your little bundle of joys look even peppier.

We aspire to ensure that the happiness on the face of our cute customers remains enchanted and enthralling throughout the life. Each piece is hand-made and customized with love, fashion and frolic to make each little customer be perky and animated as they’re. Nadaan Parindey makes exclusive hand embroidery and handmade products with specialization in chikan work and zari.

Meet the face behind our collection- Shruti Tiwari

Shruti Tiwari has worked as a designer for some of the renowned premium brands. She has 8+ years of experience in the field of meticulous designing.

Working initially for the ladies-only outfits, Shruti found a rushing urge and purpose to design clothes for the little girls. Many conversations later, and zeal to bring a vision of her mind’s frame to reality, led to craft with love, a brand called Nadaan Parindey. Staying true to the brand name, the clothes define innocence with a touch of hues and style that won’t go out of fashion and style.

Since then, Shruti has been designing cute little outfits, mom-daughter specials, occasion-specific and tailor-made designs that define each girl. “The greatest joy of each piece is the outcome. I love to see my little customers dolled up in my idea of fashion and design. When the little princesses send me their pictures, it makes for an ultimate happiness,” says Shruti. She has gone on to influence and define how girls love to see themselves. We go hand-in-hand with the design forecasts apart from the latest trends.

Our specialty- Hand-work embroidery zari and chikan work

Hailing from Lucknow, it became my moral obligation to bring my city’s culture to the forefront and infuse it with my idea of design and fashion, says Shruti. Chikankari is a traditional Awadhi fashion style from Lucknow, India. It has come to be known as the best textile decoration styles. The origin of this style dates back to 3rd century BC, where Chikan finds mention by Megasthenes who specified the use of flowered muslin by Indians.

The original story credit of chikankari is given to Noor Jahan, the Mughal empress, Jahangir’s wife, who is known to introduce Chikankari to India. Our designs infuse modernity with the traditional style and craft of India.

Coming to Zari, it is the even thread which was traditionally crafted of silver or fine gold. Zari is woven into fabric, mostly silk, to create elaborate designs and intricate patterns. It was popularized in Moghul era. The use of zari dates back to Vedic ages where it is believed that gurus, kings and gods were known to fashion this grandeur regal attire with zari embroidery. Zari is mostly used in ghaghras, and silk sarees.

In the recent times, chikan and zari has branched out not just in the country, but also the entire world. Our designs are an epitome of convoluted, well-thought designs that fuse into age-old Indian tradition, art and craft. Have a look at our workshop, and our collection.